“If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done. Keep on sowing your seed, for you never know which will grow—perhaps it all will.”And as Jesus said to His followers, “But you will receive power when the Holy [God’s] Spirit comes on you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” God will present the opportunities for us to share His Gospel with those around us. Witnessing may look different for each of us, and at times it will be a one-time conversation, while other times it will be a continual conversation until God’s timing is right for the individual. The important thing is that we are consistent in telling others about Christ with our words and actions. Consistency leads to building trust. When people trust us, they will be more willing to hear the message we want to share.If you are afraid to witness, like I once was, tell God about it and ask that He give you the words to share what He wants you to share. IF we are available for God to use, He will do so. After all these many years I still pray the following prayer every morning and plan to keep doing so for the rest of my life. I encourage you to do the same:”Dear God I am available again today. Please make me usable and use me to be an effective witness for Jesus today, and please help me to be ‘as Jesus’ in some way to every life I touch. Thank You for hearing and answering my prayer. Gratefully, in Jesus’s name, amen.”

Blow Upon Blow

The Tongue
“But no man can tame the tongue. It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison. With the tongue, we praise our Lord and Father, and with it, we curse men, who have been made in God’s likeness. Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers, this should not be.”

Jim Rohn says, “You can cut down a tree with a hammer, but it takes about 30 days. If you trade the hammer for an ax, you can cut it down in about 30 minutes. The difference between 30 days and 30 minutes is skills.”

You could also put it this way: You can cut down a tree with an ax in about 30 minutes, with a chain saw in about five—so having the right tools for the job is a big help too!

On the other hand, it may take 30 years or more to replace that tree. So we need to be extremely careful before we start cutting down anything of value as we may never be able to replace it. Like blow upon blow of a sharp ax, blow upon blow of cutting words can hurt deeply, ruin a marriage, severely damage a friendship, and destroy the self-concept of a child!

“Dear God, grant that my speech and my conversation will always be seasoned with grace and truth, and never used to chop or cut anyone down. Thank You for hearing and answering my prayer. Gratefully in Jesus’s name. Amen.”

Jim McCraigh via aweber.com 5:00 AM (5 hours ago)
to me
Image  First, thank you all for your kind emails about last week’s post A Christian Response to the War on Police. There wasn’t a single negative one in the bunch! If possible, please share it with your friends and family.It’s been a busy week here as we have finally moved back to the great state of Texas after many years away for business reasons. We feel like we’re back in America after living in a couple of out of control blue states. While unpacking the stuff in my office closet, I came across an article in the August 1999 edition of the American Family Association Journal. (Yes, I am a bit of a packrat, but did finally throw it away.) Written by Don Wildmon, it looks like it could have been written yesterday… not 21 years ago.Here is what Wildmon wrote back then…“In 1973 The Supreme Court said it was ok to kill unborn babies. Since then, we have killed more than the entire population of Canada. And it continues. A woman’s choice? Half of those who have died in their mothers’ wombs have been women. They didn’t have a choice. It is called abortion. Me? I go to church, the minister preaches, I go home. That’s what Christians do now.First it was in dingy, dirty theaters. Then, convenience stores. Then, grocery stores. Then on television. Now it is in the homes of millions via the Internet. It is called pornography.Me? I go to church, the minister preaches, I go home. That’s what Christians do now.They called it no-fault. Why should we blame anyone when something so tragic happens? Haven’t they already suffered enough? Half of the marriages in America end this way. The children suffered. The family broke down. It is called divorce.Me? I go to church, the minister preaches, I go home. That’s what Christians do now.At one time it was a perversion. We kept it secret. We secured help and hope for those who practiced it. Now it is praised. We have parades celebrating it, and elected officials give it their blessing. Now it is endowed with special privileges and protected by special laws. Even some Christian leaders and denominations praise it. It is called homosexuality.Me? I go to church, the minister preaches, I go home. That’s what Christians do now.It used to be an embarrassment. A shame. Now a third of all births are to mothers who aren’t married. Two-thirds of all African-American children are born into a home without a father. The state usually pays the tab. That is why we pay our taxes, so that government can take the place of parents. After all, government bureaucrats know much better how to raise children than parents do. It is called illegitimacy.Me? I go to church, the minister preaches, I go home. That’s what Christians do now.At one time it was wrong. But then the state decided to legalize it, promote it, and tax it. It has ripped apart families and destroyed lives. But just look at all the money the state has raised. No longer do we have to teach our children to study and work hard. Now we teach them they can get something for nothing. We spend millions encouraging people to join the fun and excitement. Just look at the big sums that people are winning. They will never have to work again! It is called gambling.Me? I go to church, the minister preaches, I go home. That’s what Christians do now.Not long ago, Christians were the good guys. But now any positive image of Christians in movies or on TV is gone. We are now depicted as the bad guys – greedy, narrow-minded hypocrites. The teacher can’t have a Bible on her desk but can have Playboy. We don’t have Christmas and Easter holidays – just winter and spring break. We can’t pray in school but can use foul language. It’s called being tolerant.Me? I go to church, the minister preaches, I go home. That’s what Christians do now.Yes, all these things came to pass within 30 years. Where were the Christians? Why they were in church. All these things are for someone else to deal with. Times have changed. Involvement has been replaced with apathy.But don’t blame me. I didn’t do anything. I go to church, the minister preaches, I go home. That’s what Christians do now.”It got me thinking, my dear readers, that many people who call themselves Christians are really CINOs (Christians In Name Only). It’s time we all step up and stop doing what Christians do now which is pretty much nothing.

The 12 Steps to a new way of life

Work the 12 Steps and discover the path that will change your life,
enrich your recovery and bring you closer to the heart of God.

  1. We admitted that we were powerless over our problems and that our lives had become unmanageable.
    I know that nothing good lives in me…I want to do what is right, but I can’t.” – Romans 7:18, see also John 8: 31-36; Romans 7:14-25.
  2. We came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.
    God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him.” – Philippians 2:13; see also Romans 4:6-8; Ephesians 1:6-8; Colossians 1:21-22; Hebrews 11:1-10.
  3. We made a decision to turn our wills and our lives over to the care of God.
    Dear brothers and sisters, I plead with you to give your bodies to God because of all he has done for you. Let them be a living and holy sacrifice–the kind he will find acceptable.” – Romans 12:1; see also Matthew 11:28-30; Mark 10:14; James 4:7-10.
  4. We made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.
    Let us test and examine our ways. Let us turn back to the Lord.” – Lamentations 3:40; see also Matthew 7:1-5; 2 Corinthians 7:8-10.
  5. We admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.
    Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed.” – James 5:16; see also Psalms 32:1-5; 51:1-3; 1 John 1:2-6.
  6. We were entirely ready to have God remove these defects of character.
    Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up in honor.” – James 4:10; see also Romans 6:5-11; Philippians 3:12-14.
  7. We humbly asked God to remove our shortcomings.
    If we confess our sins to him, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all wickedness.” – 1 John 1:9; see also Luke 18:9-14; 1 John 5:13-15.
  8. We made a list of all persons we had harmed and became willing to make amends to them all.
    Do to others as you would like them to do to you.” – Luke 6:31; see also Colossians 3:12-15; 1 John 3:10-20.
  9. We made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.
    If you are presenting a sacrifice at the altar and…someone has something against you, leave your sacrifice there at the altar. Go and be reconciled to that person. Then come and offer your sacrifice to God.” – Matthew 5:23; see also Luke 19:1-10; 1 Peter 2:21-25.
  10. We continued to take personal inventory, and when we were wrong, promptly admitted it.
    If you think you are standing strong, be careful not to fall.” – 1 Corinthians 10:12; see also Romans 5:3-6; 2 Timothy 2:1-7; 1 John 1:8-10.
  11. We sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God, praying only for knowledge of his will for us and the power to carry it out.
    Devote yourselves to prayer with an alert mind and a thankful heart.” – Colossians 4:2; see also Isaiah 40:28-31; 1 Timothy 4:7-8.
  12. Having had a spiritual awakening as a result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to others, and to practice these principles in all our affairs.
    Dear brothers and sisters, if another believer is overcome by some sin, you who are godly should gently and humbly help that person back onto the right path. And be careful not to fall into the same temptation yourself.” – Galatians 6:1; see also Isaiah 61:1-3; Titus 3:3-7; 1 Peter 4:1-5.